• Merita Dema
  • Vesna Borozan
  • Aleksandra Krkoleva-Mateska
  • Petar Krstevski


A b s t r a c t: The transformation of a power grid into a Smart Grid is embedded by the development of twoway communication and an architecture that meets current and future needs of both power and communication networks. Smart metering systems (SMS) represent a great opportunity for maximal utilization of existing infrastructure, allowing better monitoring and management. Furthermore, the opportunitiesemerging from new consumption solutions, provide additional capabilities for SMS. This paper provides a review of the basic components of the smart metering systems infrastucture and their communication technologies. Emphasis is on power line communication (PLC)) technology and the opportrunities it introduces in smart mastering systems. The paper also provides a brief overview of implementation of SMS in Macedonia.

Key words: communication; smart metering systems; smart grids

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Dec 19, 2017
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