• Branko Peševski JP Macedonian Broadcasting, Bulevar Goce Delěev 18, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Keywords: DAB, DAB , FM, IP, HE-AAC v2, SFN, OFDM


The digitization of radio broadcasting has a long history and has been under active consideration
as a project for at least 40 years. This paper will provide a brief historical development of digital radio, an overview
and analysis of European and world trends today, as well as additional services offered by the DAB+ system. Further-
more, the paper includes the advantages and challenges of the DAB+ standard compared to FM analogue radio and
Internet radio listening technologies, which countries have developed the standard and their planning approach. The
overall development experience from the environment and the world will serve for the innovative and technological
possibilities of digital radio for the future development in Macedonia. The main focus of the paper is the preparation
of: DAB+ frequency planning in Macedonia, other planning and use cases, as well as a pilot project for the implemen-
tation of DAB+ in Macedonia. Our country is in the experimental phase and preparation for the regulation and intro-
duction of DAB+ digital radio. It is necessary to form an interdepartmental working group (JP Macedonian Broadcast-
ing, Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC), Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA),
Agency for Audio and Audio-Visual Media Services of the Republic of Macedonia (AААMS), Macedonian Radio
Television (MRTV), private broadcasters, etc.) that will prepare a Strategy for the Introduction of DAB+ digital radio
– each in its own part, and thus a change in the Law on electronic communications.